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Smile, and the whole world smiles with you. However, if you're self-conscious about the look of your teeth, you may not feel like smiling quite so often.

At Wellington Street Denture Clinic and Dental Implant centre, we'll help you rediscover your smile. We've helped hundreds of patients both local and from across Ontario get the smiles they've always wanted without the need for consulting (or paying) a high-cost cosmetic dentist.

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How to improve your smile

First of all, come to us and smile. You're in good hands. We've seen everything before, and nothing will shock or surprise us. We offer a free consultation so you can tell us what you'd like, from just a replacement tooth or two to a full perfect smile. We'll discuss the latest tooth replacement options for a natural smile.

vita1We'll advise you on the various options available, including:
All our smile makeover solutions use the latest technologies to achieve a beautiful smile that looks natural. For example, we examine your face and measure in precise details to ensure dentures restore your natural lip line and facial muscles.

vita2We colour-match artificial teeth with your natural teeth using digital tooth matching technology (Vita EasyShade), so they blend in perfectly. (We do the same for the colour of denture bases too, to match your natural gum colour.) And we can restore yellow teeth stained by smoking back to a natural white with our professional tooth whitening system.

It's all part of the exceptional level of care and expertise our patients expect from Wellington Street Denture Clinic, and we're more than happy to live up to and exceed their expectations.

Call us for more details of our smile and dental makeover services, or to book your free consultation at our Woodstock Ontario smile clinic - 519-533-1919.

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