Same Day Denture Repairs and Reline

Expert help and denture repair when you need it most

When your dentures let you down, you want expert help - and fast! At Wellington Street Denture Clinic, we repair and reline dentures at our own on-site denture laboratory. Our efficient, personalised service gives you your dentures back without the wait associated with big city practices or denture practices that have to send away dentures to be repaired.

denture labSame day denture repairs in Woodstock, Ontario

We know that time without your denture is time when you life is on hold. With broken dentures, you can't smile, you can't talk clearly and you probably can't eat properly either. In most cases, our denture repair service can restore a broken, cracked or damaged denture back to its original form within the same day, so you can get on with your life again.

If your denture is cracked or broken it may be an indication of underlying issues such as denture age or fit. If so, we'll make a follow-up appointment with you to give you and your dentures a thorough examination and adjust the fit, or advise on other options.

broken denturesNever attempt to repair or alter your dentures yourself! Improperly repaired dentures will not last long, may cause irritation due to poor fit and may be unrepairable if it breaks again.

Often denture teeth and clasps can be added to existing partial dentures when natural teeth are lost.

A proper repair requires addition of new denture base material to the repair area and may require an impression prior to repair.

For one day denture repairs in the Woodstock, London and Ingersoll areas, call us on 519-533-1919.

denture lab equipmentDenture reline services for Woodstock and Oxford County

After tooth loss, your gums and bones will naturally shrink. When these changes to the tissue on your gums have occurred, you may find that the fit of your denture is not the same. (You might also experience this if you've lost weight or been ill.)

We take an impression using your current denture and add a new base material to the tissue side of the dentures. Relining affects only the fit of your denture and will not change the appearance or address any wear of the denture teeth, but will restore your confidence and your smile.

Denture rebase service

Over time, your denture base material may stain or discolor, though the denture teeth present show little signs of wear. Similar to the procedures of a reline, we are able to replace the entire base of your denture.

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