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Bridging the gaps left by tooth loss

Partial dentures replace one or more missing natural teeth, restoring your natural smile and speech. Lightweight, durable and perfectly matched to your remaining teeth, the only person who'll know you are wearing partial dentures will be you!

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Why choose partial dentures

A partial denture may be the best option to restore your natural smile and greatly improve your ability to speak clearly and chew. A partial denture will not harm your existing teeth but in fact help maintain their position by providing additional support. With a partial denture you will look, feel and chew better.

No-obligation denture consultation

Our free, no-obligation consultation is for anyone considering partial dentures, or facing the problems of tooth loss. Patients come to us from across Oxford County and beyond for a full dental examination, followed by a discussion when they can discover more about wearing dentures and the options available, with no pressure and no obligation.

For professional advice on complete dentures in south western Ontario, call us on 519-533-1919.

partial dentures frameHow we create partial dentures

In our on-site denture lab, we design and create partials made from a blend of metal and acrylic. They are commonly called “cast” partials. When we design your cast partial denture, we do so with aesthetics and comfort in mind. The fine and delicate design that we create is less visible and more comfortable, and personalised to your exact mouth shape.

Using current technological advancements, we can offer a variety of partial denture designs and materials to solve each individual’s oral situation.

Partial denture care

Partial dentures should always be removed at night for cleaning and to maintain your oral health. Our team will help with denture cleaning and care advice, so your partial denture looks great and work well each and every day.

Other denture options

We also offer other types of removable and implant-secured dentures; read on or call us at 519-533-1919 for details:

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