Immediate dentures from Wellington Street Dental Clinic

No gap between tooth extraction and a new smile!

Need dentures but don't want to be without teeth for even a day? No problem! An immediate denture is a wonderful option as you get your dentures the same day, with no need to be without teeth during the healing process following extractions.

immediate denturesWhy choose immediate (same day) dentures

Immediate dentures replicate your natural teeth with artificial teeth such that you are never without your natural smile! Thanks to our own in-house denture lab facility, we can create immediate dentures onsite and ensure you have the perfect fit and care our patients expect from the team at Wellington Street Denture Clinic.

No-obligation immediate dentures consultation

All prospective denture patients are offered our free, no-obligation consultation, so together we can examine all the options and benefits of immediate dentures over other types of permanent dentures. We do a full dental examination so we can assess your current oral and tooth health, and assess whether same-day dentures are the right solution for you.

Call us first on 519-533-1919 for your free consultation on immediate dentures in Oxford County.

happy clientHow our immediate dentures service works

First of all, we take an impression of your own teeth, so we are able to create a denture in the precise likeness of your natural teeth, correcting any misaligned or missing teeth. Immediately following your tooth extractions, the denture is put in place, so your smile is instantly restored.

As bone and gum tissues shrinks adjustments may be required and follow-up appointments with us may be necessary. Approximately 8 to12 months after the initial placement of the denture either a new permanent denture or a reline may be required to maintain the proper fit. We will recommend the option the best suits your needs.

Immediate denture care

Immediate dentures are cared for in exactly the same way as other types of removable dentures. We'll give you expert advice and tips on cleaning dentures so you can maintain your bright, natural smile for longer.

Other denture options

Our clinic offers the full range of removable and implant-secured dentures; read on or call us for details.

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