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A new smile, a new you

happy clientsWell-crafted dentures can restore your smile and allow you to have improved function, style and quality without compromising comfort.

Our clinic offers various types of dentures and implant dentures depending on your needs.

Proper digestion and nutrition are critical to your overall health. When you are unable to chew your food effectively because of missing natural teeth, or you have excessively worn dentures, then call us on 519-533-1919 for a free consultation

Replacing worn, damaged or missing teeth with a set of fully personalised full dentures will restore your smile and your confidence. Our expert team will create dentures that fit like a glove and restore the look and feel of naturally perfect teeth.

Why choose full or complete dentures

complete denturesFull dentures replace your own set of teeth with natural-looking artificial teeth that won't crack, chip or discolour. We carefully 'map' the contours of your face, using sophisticated instrumentation that will help us restore the natural shape of your lips and facial muscles. We use the latest technology to create a denture base that fits your gums exactly, for a snug fitting denture that won't affect how you speak or what you can eat.

Dentures for better digestive health

Chewing efficiently is the first step in digestion. Once the food is minced to a consistency that is safe to swallow, acids in the stomach breaks down the food further for your body to use. If you suffer from heartburn, acid reflux, or other stomach-related problems, this may be due to your lack of chewing ability, dull teeth, ill-fitting dentures or other related denture concerns.

How long should dentures last?

Dentures are no different than other dental/medical devices or prosthesis; they require regular maintenance and will eventually need to be replaced. We will take the time need to advise you on your specific oral health needs and circumstances. Most dental insurance plans cover dentures every five years

No-obligation complete dentures consultation

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation for anyone considering full dentures, whether an existing denture wearer or not. We'll talk you through the options one on one, and conduct a full dental examination to assess the current status of your dental health, and advise the best type of denture for you.

For professional advice on complete dentures in south western Ontario, call us on 519-533-1919.

Our most popular dentures

Our most popular complete dentures are BPS Precision dentures. These are premium quality dentures that provide optimum function while speaking and eating. When creating a BPS Precision denture we use Ivoclar denture teeth. This brand of teeth is similar to natural teeth as they reflect light through several layers. In addition they are made of high quality materials that help resist wear, chipping, and staining.

Full denture care

Full dentures can be removed quickly and easily for cleaning and overnight care. Our denturist will advice you on denture cleaning and care products, to keep your personalised dentures clean and comfortable for years.

Other denture options

We also offer other types of removable and implant-secured dentures; read on or call us for details:

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