All-on-4 fixed dentures; the one-day solution

Want a natural looking smile without the lengthy waits and healing times associated with traditional dentures?

No problem! Our all-on-4 personalised dental implant solution gives you replacement teeth without the wait, so you can eat as normal from the moment you get home.

fixed teeth bottomWhy choose all-on-4 fixed dentures in a day

Fixed teeth, also known as “All on 4” is one of the more exciting options for denture wearers, especially those who may have a difficult time with traditional dentures. Your implants will be made and your new dentures secured in place on the same day, with no 'tooth-less' time required. Your all-on-four dentures look natural, feel natural, and give you back the freedom to laugh, smile and eat whatever you like without worry.

No-obligation all-on-4 dentures consultation

Take advantage of our free no-obligation consultation when we can discuss every aspect of your new dentures. Our denturist will conduct a full dental examination to assess your suitability for the particular type of implants used in all-on-four denture solutions. We're more than happy to answer any questions, provide any information you'd like, and discuss payment plan options if you wish.

For expert advice on all-on-4 same day dentures and fixed denture services in Woodstock Ontario, call us first on 519-533-1919.

Or download Sam's story, a case study of how all-on-four dentures changed the life of a young man who lost his teeth in a hockey game accident.

How all on 4 fixed dentures work

fixed teeth topWith all-on 4 dentures, four to six dental implants are place in your jawbone. This procedure is suitable for most bone qualities as the implants are placed at a 45-degree angle that will help obtain the maximum amount of strength and support. Your new denture is then attached to the implants and secured into place. That's it, your new smile is ready to be shown off to friends, family and the world!

All-on-four denture care

All on four dentures can be cleaned and cared for just like natural teeth, although we will advise on the use of special brushes and solutions especially formulated for sue with artificial teeth such as dentures.

Your new smile is a fixed part of you mouth but if a situation arises that requires the removal of your fixed denture, it is a very quick and easy procedure that can be done right here in the clinic.

all on 4Other implant retained denture options

At Wellington Street Denture Clinic, we offer all our local and Ontario denture patients a range of options, including:

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