Ball Over Dentures: Secure, Snug, Super!

Forget insecure dentures that wobble and move; ball over dentures are the modern, secure way to keep your dentures in place for a natural and relaxed smile.

Why choose ball over dentures

ball over denturesBall over dentures are a type of implant retained denture, secured in place to dental implants placed in your jaw. These implants act like the natural roots of your teeth, providing a firm and stable fixing for your new teeth and preventing any bone shrinkage or other issues associated with tooth lose.

Our free ball over denture consultation

Whether you would like to get new dentures, or just want to discuss your options, at Wellington Street Denture Clinic, we always take time to listen and to learn what you want during a free, no-obligation consultation. We'll undertake a full dental examination including your teeth, gums and jaw, to check your suitability for implants and advise on the various types of dentures available.

You can ask any questions you like, and we'll talk you through all the options, with no pressure at all. We want you to feel comfortable with us, so we can create the perfect smile for you in return.

For expert advice on ball over dentures and other fixed dentures in Oxford County, call us first on 519-533-1919. We also welcome patients from other parts of Ontario - you'll find us within 10 minutes' drive from the junction of Highways 401 and 403 outside Woodstock.

locator 2How ball over dentures work

When you choose ball retained dentures, your denturist will fit two or four dental implants, each topped with an attachment that is ball shaped. Each implant attachment fits into a connector located within your new dentures. This creates a nice, snug fit between denture and gum line that will give you added self confidence and help improve your quality of life.

Ball over denture care

Caring for your new dentures is quite easy and is very similar to caring for natural teeth. The only difference is that some of the tooth brushes and solutions used to clean your new smile are specially designed with dental implants in mind. Brushing, flossing as well as regular dental check-ups, are recommended.

Other implant retained denture options

locatorWe also offer two other types of implant-secured dentures; read on or call us for details:

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