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denture labNot every denture clinic in Ontario has their own on-site dental lab, but then, not all dental clinics are as well equipped to serve their local and county community as we are!

Our state of the art in-house denture and dental implant laboratory is crucial in creating your smile. We use state of the art technology to make custom-made dentures that fit perfectly and look amazing, and we are constantly upgrading our skills in order to provide you with the most accurate and advanced smile possible.

The benefit of having our own lab shows in the personal relationship we form with you, our patient. We are able to work closely with you to achieve a beautiful final result, where the best of aesthetics and function meet.

denture lab with desk
Our combination of high tech equipment and old-fashioned craftsmanship ensure that we can deal with most aspects of denture design, manufacture, fitting and adjustment on-site.

We can also provide same day denture repairs and relines in our own lab, reducing waiting times and eliminating delays..

We invest heavily in new equipment and training to keep our lab and skillbase up to date, so we can offer an impressive range of services for our patients, including:
For more information, just call us on 519-533-1919 for an appointment. We'll be happy to see you.

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